Small #FMF

Once again I am linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker’s blog for Five Minute Friday (FMF).

The rules are you write for FIVE minutes and that is it.  Then you link up with other bloggers who have done the same.

Today’s word is SMALL:



My 12 year old son Drew, HATES the word.  Being one of the smallest kids in his grade is not fun, especially for a boy!

He was born small, under six pounds.  For years, every doctor’s appointment found him in the 10th percentile for height.  Even now, in the 6th grade, he is under 70 pounds and complains about it regularly.

About four years ago, we even took him to a specialist to make sure he was growing “properly” and after a year of monitoring, it was determined that he was.  He is just going to be on the “small” side.

He comes from a family of fairly small people~ I am just about 5’2″ and that makes me taller than my sister and one of my brothers.  My mom was only 5 feet tall and my dad is under 5’9″ which is about Dave’s height.

Surprisingly, my youngest brother is 6’2′!  We are not sure where that height comes from, but it looks like my older son DJ is taking after him.  His feet are far from small, already at a size 13!  This makes it hard for Drew too.  DJ towers over him but fortunately he would never make it an issue for Drew.  It is Drew who has a difficult time with it.

Thankfully, for what Drew lacks in size, he makes up for in personality because there is nothing small about that!  He makes us laugh nearly everyday!

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