College…Are we ready?

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It is happening….

The emails and brochures have been arriving for college.  DJ is a junior and it is Spring.  I knew it was coming, but how did it happen so fast?  Is he ready? Are we ready?  Wasn’t he just starting Kindergarten yesterday??  Wow that time went fast!

When he was a little boy, he told us he would only go to college in New Jersey so that he’d be close to home and to us!  Now, I don’t think a NJ school is even on his radar…unless of course he takes our suggestion of a year of community college before committing to a four year school.   He has barely talked to us about it until very recently.  Our questions were always answered with a, “I don’t know,” or “I am not sure,” when we asked what he was interested in.  Now he is opening up and talking more about it.  He seems to want a small liberal arts type school and maybe study Business or Communications, but of course that could all change.

The SAT’s are in a few weeks.  Then, I am sure he will start pursuing the college search more.  My father of course keeps pushing American University.  He went there and so did three of his four children, (me included.)  I am not sure if that is the right fit for DJ.   Whatever he decides on, it is going to be a big change for all of us.  I will look towards my friends who have gone through this before me for direction!!   As for now, I found this bit of advice from College Admission: From Application to Acceptance

In the end, our job as parents is to leave them with both the right size sheets and a sense that they are well equipped for this next, independent stage of life.  The challenges are no greater or lesser than when they arrived eighteen years ago.


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