Rabbit Rabbit

rabbit rabbit

A few years ago, one of my coworkers told me about a good luck superstition she had.  On the first day of every month, the first words out of her mouth are, “Rabbit, Rabbit.”  Apparently, if those are the first two words out of your mouth when you wake up, it is supposed to bring you good luck for the entire month. Bonus luck if it is your birth month!!  I had never heard of it before but I looked it up and evidently this superstition can be traced back to the early 1900’s!

It seems that even Franklin Delano Roosevelt carried out this superstition. He also carried around a rabbit’s foot for good luck.  Coincidence?!?  If a rabbit’s foot is a good luck charm, maybe just saying the name can bring on the luck too?!?!

I have searched and searched for meaning behind the saying and found out a lot of variations of it, but very little on how it came to be!  Some people say it three times.  Others say, “White Rabbit, White Rabbit.”  If you really want to get complicated, you could say “Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit” as your last words of the evening on the last night of the month and “Hare, hare, hare” as soon as you wake the next day.

This is getting very confusing!

When I remember, I do try to say it on the first day of the month but usually I have spoken before realizing what day it is!!  Does that negate my good luck?  Fortunately while trying to learn more about this lucky rabbit, I did find this little tidbit…

If it’s the first of the month and you’re reading this and “Rabbit, Rabbit” were not the first two words you uttered, don’t fret. Simply reverse the process as you drift off into slumber land repeating “tibbar tibbar.”  That’s rabbit rabbit backwards.


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