A Monday Night Wedding

love story

Last night I attended the wedding of two friends.  Yes, last night.  A Monday evening.  That’s what happens when you work on Broadway and a large number of the guests do too.  Monday night is an off night for shows so it was the perfect night Julia and Doreen to tie the knot.

I have known them for years.  Not only was I lucky enough to teach their two daughters Olivia and Ruby, but their son Cooper attended Camp Maple where I work in the summer.  These women never fail to amaze me.  Their three beautiful children all have special needs of varying degrees.  This doesn’t phase them in the least.  They take it all in stride.  I don’t think I have ever seen either of these women break a sweat. As Cooper demanded to stand between the two of them during the entire ceremony instead of letting them stand side by side, what did they do, they put their arms around him while they joined hands behind him.

This is so typical.  When Olivia needed a break from the mayhem of the reception back at the house, the two of them left their guests to tend to her before getting back to the party.

Doreen and Julia met 16 years ago while Doreen was touring with a Broadway show.  They went to St. Louis where Julia was working.  Doreen continued to act while Julia was a  stage hand. During their years together they have fostered about 12 children and adopted the three lovely ones I have had the opportunity to work with.   These two women make me laugh whenever I am with them.  I have never met a more caring and devoted family.

As I was taking photos during the ceremony last night, I could not help but focus on the looks of love and respect on the faces of everyone there.  The love was apparent everywhere I looked.

Julia is leaving for 7 weeks soon to be the production supervisor for the tour of Motown the musical. They wanted to do this before she left.  While she is gone, Doreen will hold it all together on the homefront.  They’re a team.  A well oiled machine and I for one admire them.

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