Lunch at Home

laura ingalls

Today is a half day for students in our school district.  Actually, Friday and Monday are too.  We hold parent-teacher conferences for the next three days.  Today they happen to be in the evening to try to accommodate working parents.  I will meet with 12 sets of parents tonight.  The rest are spread out over Friday and Monday afternoon.

The students got out of school at 12:45.  Most days, I’d stay at school, get some work done, run home for a quick dinner and head back to school.  Today, I had to get my laptop fixed so I had to leave the building.  I assumed it was going to be a long process, but since I had to leave it there, it took less than five minutes.  I debated going back to school but decided to head home for lunch – something I never get the chance to do.  Even though I live less than a mile from my school, I never feel like there is enough time so I eat at school with the rest of the Kindergarten teachers.  I like having lunch at school.  I have even written before , that lunch time is a favorite part of my day!

I got home, cooked up a nice, big hot lunch, tossed a salad together and now I am enjoying a delicious lunch as I sit at the computer writing this blog.  I figured I’d be writing it late this evening when I got done with conferences.   Now, not only will I get this done, but I can finish editing the photos from Doreen and Julia’s wedding and drop them off before heading back over to school.

I know it seems like such a small thing, but being able to eat lunch at a relaxed pace, with nowhere to run to right away seems almost like a luxury.  I have to savor every minute. Ahhhh, the little things….

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