Losing an hour of sleep to gain more hours of daylight? I’ll take it!

spring is coming
Last night we pushed the clocks ahead an hour marking the beginning of daylight saving time. A time where we trade an hour of sleep for an extra hour of sunlight. A sign that regardless what the thermometer tells us, winter may soon be behind us. Thank God! This has been a merciless winter and I for one am thankful it is almost over. Yesterday was a bit of a tease. We woke to glaring sunshine streaming through the windows and birds chirping outside. It hit 60 degrees! We haven’t seen the temperature in months. That didn’t last long though, today is back to temperatures in the 30′s and although the sun is shining brightly, it is not creating much warmth out there!

Ten days and five hours until spring. Can you tell I cannot wait? Just the idea of knowing it is almost here makes this cold weather almost tolerable. Yesterday, a friend posted a photo of crocuses sprouting in her yard. I hope they survive this week where we are expecting to get another round of snow. I have lost count of how many snow storms we have had this winter and although I have taken lots and lots of photos, if I hadn’t dated them, I would not be able to tell one storm from the last!

So although the day feels long, and I am tired from losing that hour of sleep, I know that there is a light at the end of this long winter tunnel. Spring is imminent. It will get here eventually. Even if the weather doesn’t feel like it, just knowing that it is on the way is giving me Spring Fever. Yesterday’s weather tease just exaggerated the symptoms! I am desperate for longer, warmer days. I even promise to not complain during the hot, humid New Jersey summer if all of this snow would finally melt away…

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