Getting Closer

1 step closer

Tonight was College and Career Night at DJ’s high school. Sometimes I wonder how on earth I could have a child old enough to be going to college in a year and a half.   I don’t know if he is ready!  I don’t know if I am ready!  I wrote about it less than a month ago.  The brochures and catalogs that are coming in have started to make it real, but tonight, well that was the “real deal” for me.

We are still discussing his best options.  Community College for a year or two before heading off to a four year school??  A small school versus a big university??  There is a lot to think about.  How will we ever be able to afford it?  Will he get financial aid?  Student loans!?!?  So many questions.  I have looked to my friends who have gone through this already and have been given a lot of advice.  It is good to have friends who have done this before us.  Friends who can give us tips on the dos and the do not’s!

We must have spoken to representatives from at least twenty schools tonight.  He refused to look at any in New Jersey – even with my pleading…  He seemed so mature talking to the representatives asking about student/teacher ratio and financial aid.  He shook hands with every one of them, catching some of them by surprise I must say.  It made me proud though!!  Nice to know he learned some social graces from us!

My siblings, cousins and I were so incredibly fortunate.  Our grandfather put money aside when we were all young and it paid for all of us to go to school.  Times were different then.  The economy has not been as generous to us.  We will make it work for him.  Whatever he decides.  We only want the best for him and will support what he chooses.  As we slowly move forward into this process, I am expecting to learn a lot!


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