Has Spring Finally Sprung?

optimist spring

Today the temperature rose above 60 degrees!  After such a miserable winter, you would think it was a holiday the way people were out celebrating the day.  Dave and Drew were finally able to get outside and build the kids’ new basketball net.  Neighbors are gardening, children are riding bikes down the street and dogs are frolicking in the yard!  Yes, frolicking!  Our dog included.  She absolutely hated this winter – maybe even as much as I did!  A few of the storms brought snow deeper than her!

It is the first day that I can look outside my front door and not see any piles of snow.  Windows and doors are open and fresh air is breezing though our home.  This morning, I woke to birds chirping outside of my window.  During Emmy Lou’s morning walk, two skeins of geese flew over our heads honking as they too seemed delighted with the weather.  I saw kids running around in shorts and women wearing flip-flops.  All of us trying to grasp at every bit of this wonderful weather.

I guess we should enjoy it while we can because although I hate to even put it in writing… and my mom would have said to me, “Bite your tongue,” more snow is expected on Monday!

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