spring break waiting

I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas!!  Only four days till we leave for Spring Break.  With our very tight budget, I saved and saved for this and FINALLY it is here!  It seemed so far away when I gave the box of money to the boys for Christmas and now it is here!  We have been counting down the hours for a week now!  We are off to Hilton Head Island.  A place I spent many spring breaks as a teenager. My dad has a time share there, so we had gone for years.  This year, his “week” just happens to be our week so he is going down too.

Dave and I are going to drive down with the kids and take a few stops along the way to visit colleges with DJ.  My dad is bringing my brothers with him and they are taking the train.  They have always flown down in the past so this will be an adventure for them.  We will all be staying on the same plantation while we are there, but in different locations.

My kids have been there before, but it has been awhile since we have gone away so our excitement is barely containable!  The kids have been planning out all the places we need to go while we are there.  We have favorite restaurants and favorites shops that we want to go back to.  The boys want to try golf this trip.  There is no shortage of golfing there!  We have always suck to mini golf in the past but the boys seem up for the challenge and want to get out on one of the beautiful courses.

It will be so nice just to get away.  There is a kitchen and washer and dryer where we are staying, so we will be doing cooking, cleaning and laundry, but for some reason, when we are doing it somewhere else, it just doesn’t seem so hard!  Perhaps it is the beach, or the warm weather, or maybe it is not having to work or be on any schedule, but whatever it is, it is still a vacation.  A week away but so needed and so deserved.

Only 85 hours till we leave 🙂



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