More adventures in Kindergarten


It seems time for another update about the adventures in Kindergarten.  A few months ago I wrote about a hectic day we had.  There are a lot of them in Kindergarten.  Never a dull moment that is for sure!!  That’s what makes it such an adventure and a job that I love doing.  This morning, during a read aloud, two men came to my room to fix a window that wasn’t working properly.  In order to get to the window, they had to move around a few things, which made our reading area a little different than normal.  Anyone who works with young children knows it is best to NOT mess with routine, but we had no choice.  While they worked quietly in the back of the room, the kids all gathered around my chair and I read them a new book that had just arrived in the mail, The Falling Raindrop.  The book was really cute and the kids loved it.  Normally, read aloud is one of our favorite parts of the day. I love reading and they love listening.

With two “strangers” in our classroom, keeping the attention of the class wasn’t easy.  They were too interested in what was going on behind them.  As the men were working, they were curious so of course keeping them focused was difficult, but as I read they became more and more engaged and I had their complete attention.  That is until the screen fell out of the window.  We are on the first floor so that wasn’t a big deal and after they all turned around to see what was going on, and me once again getting them refocused, we got through the book.

The rest of the morning went on pretty uneventfully.  We came back from recess and lunch and began our Literacy Centers and that is when mayhem ensued!  One of the kids screamed out, “A bee! A bee!”  Which of course got all of them into hysterics. I told them there was no way that a bee could be in our classroom.  Then… I saw it too.  This was a HUGE bee!  Not a tiny little honey bee but a big, furry, black, fat bee.  Not a carpenter bee.  I am not an entomologist so I have NO idea what kind of bee it was.  I just know that I am not afraid of bugs but this one even frightened me a bit!  It must have flown in when the screen fell out of the window.

Fortunately, I had a very calm helping mom in the room.  So we told them that as long as we left the bee alone, it would leave us alone.  Of course, I had no idea if this was true, but at least it sounded good!  I got the kids started on their centers and while the mom sat and worked with them, I called for a custodian to come and help us remove it.  I “assessed” the situation, making sure no one was allergic to bee stings and decided that I was not going to try to capture it on my own and make it any angrier than it already was.

The bee decided to park itself on our huge classroom fan and stay there.  I met with a few reading groups without taking my eye off of it hoping that if it just stayed put, I could keep the kids calm.  By this time, they all just assumed it was sleeping and would leave us alone.  Fortunately, that bee stayed there for forty minutes without moving.  Counting my blessings, I knew that if we could get through the last ten minutes, I could get the kids dismissed and deal with it after they left, but no. It fell.  I think it stunned itself.  It was quite a long fall.  Screams erupted all around and I grabbed a big Lucite cup that I had paintbrushes in and put it over the bee.  Half of them were screaming, “Don’t kill it, don’t kill it!”  While the rest were screaming, “Step on it step on it!”  There was no way I was stepping on that huge thing.  Plus, I don’t even kill ants.  I “rescue” them from the classroom and put them outside if we find them.  We decided to keep it covered and I promised to take care of it when everyone left.

Meanwhile, that bee was ANGRY!  Thank goodness I chose the cup that I did because it was thrashing around the cup so much, it would have knocked over anything lighter!  Had there been no children in the room perhaps I would have dealt with it differently but I couldn’t risk someone getting stung.  I left it in the cup and as we left the classroom to go home, I was inundated with bee “horror stories” from EVERY child in the room.

After they all left, I went and found our custodian who promised to come back and take care of it for me.  I went to our faculty meeting and told my Kindergarten team about it.  I don’t think any of them realized the size of the bee until I showed them the picture I took of it.  Then they were all laughing at the craziness of it all because it is just one of those situations that make Kindergarten so special 🙂

After the meeting I went back to my room assuming it would be gone, but there it was.  Still.  Not moving at all but I didn’t trust that it was not alive.  I gave the cup a little shake and the thing woke up!  One of my coworkers was with us and she, like me, won’t kill bugs, plus you could not have just stepped on this thing, it was just too big.  The two of us made a great team, sliding cardboard and then a book under the cup and brought it outside to release it.  As we let it go, and it fell to the ground, we both ran back inside hoping it wasn’t going to fly towards us instead.   I have no idea if it survived the ordeal.  We did our best to save that bee that caused such an uproar the room.  Tomorrow, the kids will be happy when they hear we set it free.

Two more days till Spring Break.  I need a vacation!!!!!!


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