Change is good!


We made it to Hilton Head Island. This year we decided to take a different route. We have driven here several times and always went the same way. Straight down Route 95 from New Jersey through South Carolina. This year since we were stopping at a few colleges on the way we took another route. A more scenic route. The speed limit was slower and every now and then we would have traffic lights to stop at, but overall we liked the ride much better. We saw a part of the East Coast that we have never seen before.

The ride down reminded me a lot of “Cars the Movie.” Although there were many places all built up and running, there were also a lot of places that were dilapidated and falling down as well. It was kind of depressing. You could almost imagine what it was once like there. It was so interesting to see.

We saw so much farmland and old railroad tracks. When we take Route 95 it is just highway – the whole way. Even Dave and the kids agreed that they all preferred going this way. It might have added on an hour to the ride but I’d suggest we do it again next time. Another benefit was when we heard about the horrible traffic all the way down Route 95! We definitely made the right choice!

We stopped at two colleges on the way down but since it was Good Friday not much was open at either one of them. We still went around both campuses and we got to see what was there. DJ seemed happy about looking at them. I guess it is making it “real” for him.

We decided to spend the night when we got to Raleigh, North Carolina. We had never been there before so it was a good place to stop. We had to find a hotel that was pet friendly since Emmy Lou was with us. DJ found a place online so we called it and got a great deal on a room. It was a Marriott Residence Inn, so we figured it couldn’t be too bad, but the rate was so good, we were a little bit nervous about going to a place sight unseen.

Not only were the accommodations great, we actually had a small suite, but this morning there was a free hot buffet breakfast for us. Drew loaded up on waffles and strawberries and Dave had his fill of sausage and biscuits. I’d highly recommend this place to anyone headed to Raleigh.

Despite the weather today being rainy, we had another drive with no traffic down to Hilton Head. The place we are renting is awesome! Big, spacious and right near the beach. We are so happy.

My dad and brothers arrived too. They are staying on the same plantation, in a complex just down the road. Will head to dinner in just a little while, then back to our home away from home for the week.

I love vacation!


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