Vacation is defined as,  a period of time devoted to pleasure, rest, or relaxation.  It has been awhile since we have had a “real” one and we are definitely taking advantage of it.  As I write, the boys are out trying golf for the first time and I just got back from the pool.  I sat there, reading my book, listening to my music and feeling like I hadn’t a care in the world!  When I felt like I had enough sun, I came back to the condo, which is right across from the pool, gave Emmy Lou a quick walk and went outside on the deck to read some more.  I have already read one full book and am on my second one.  I rarely find the time to read and I have missed it!

Not being on a schedule feels strange to me.  Dave jokes with me, because I truly can’t sit still and keep looking for things to do.  This morning, I got up again to watch the sunrise on the beach and this time Dave and Drew joined me.  DJ wanted no part of it, but this is his vacation too, so we let him sleep.  It wasn’t as productive of a shell collecting day.  The woman who told Drew that he got lucky on Monday with his amazing collection of shells was right.  From what we hear, Hilton Head is not known for having a lot of big shells.  We did find a big horseshoe crab, which was still alive and stranded on the sand.  Dave gently picked it up and brought it back to the water.  Hopefully saving it…

Drew spotted a dolphin in the water and we watched it for awhile as it did some leaps and dives showing off for us 🙂  After a going for a quick run the boys and I took a leisurely walkover to my dad’s place.  We saw some beautiful wildlife.  Frogs, cranes, turtles and even an alligator.  I wonder if the people who live here full time, see the beauty in what we are seeing everywhere we go.  Does it become routine for them?  Do the delicate legs of the crane as it walks through the water, or the gracefulness of the alligators as they skim through the water intrigue them as much as they do for us?

Do they wake daily just to watch the sunrise each morning?  I keep thinking as I fall asleep each night thinking I will sleep in, but I am drawn to the beach to watch it each day.  I guess that is the whole idea of vacation. It is another advantage of being here in Hilton Head.  It is one of those places that there isn’t a lot to do…and that is a GOOD thing.  We can do what we want on our own time and just finally relax.  It has taken me a few days to slow down, but I think I can get used to it!

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