Easter Dinner Part Two

around the table

If you follow my blog, you’d know that my family, extended and immediate, is VERY committed to tradition.  Whenever there is a holiday, we get together and celebrate. This Easter, we were in Hilton Head with my dad and brothers.  My sister went to visit her in-laws. My cousin did too.  That left my grandma home with my aunt, uncle and cousin to celebrate.  A very small gathering for our family.  That could only mean….Easter Repeat with almost everyone included. Drew had a soccer game and Dave went with him to that.  We also were without my dad’s brother Richie. We call him Gubby.  He has been having problems with kidney stones and is back in the hospital recovering.  Poor guy just can’t get rid of them!  It is not the same without him.

It was a team effort again this year.  The way it should be.  My sister Kathi made the turkey.  My Aunt Dale, cousin Lisa and I did all the sides and desserts.  Everything was delicious and as usual, there was way too much food.  It isn’t about the food though.  Just getting together is what makes all of our gatherings a celebration.  We laughed as my aunt told us how proud she was of all of us for taking the control of the whole dinner.  We are all adults with children of our own, but she still thinks we are kids.  I guess we’ll always be kids to her, no matter how old we all get.

It is fun to watch the different generations though.  Most of our gatherings are held at my grandmothers.  They have been for as long as I can remember.  Today, the littlest ones were all outside playing while we got things ready.  The “elders,” (no offense dad….) sat around waiting for it to be served.  The boys/men sat and watched The Rangers vs Flyers game in the den. It sounds old fashioned, but it really isn’t.  The “men” definitely help out.  My cousin Jason made the gravy which was delicious.  A few of them ran out to get ice, which we all forgot to bring.  Whenever Dave is there, he takes over on clean up crew.  It was just like when we were growing up.  Our roles may have changed but watching the generations follow along the path they always have, really made me appreciate how wonderful tradition really is.

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