Recognized…even after all these years!

1st communion

Today was my nephew Mikey’s 1st Holy Communion.  Mikey is ten years old, so he was older than most of the children who were making their Communion today.  Due to his special needs, they had been holding off on him receiving this sacrament until everyone felt he was ready.  My sister and her family attend a church that is quite far from their home.  Unfortunately, the day fell on one of our busiest Saturdays in a very long time, so only I went to the church for the service.  As I was driving there, in an town I’d never been to before, I was thinking about something my kids always say to me.  They always joke that no matter where we go, we come across someone who knows us.  It is kind of joke, but usually, it is true.  This place was so out of the way for us, I knew there would be no way that I’d see anyone other than family that I would recognize.  I was right.  I recognized no one, BUT, someone recognized me.  A woman came up to me after mass and said, “Excuse me, are you a teacher?”  I quickly tried to place where I might know her from but couldn’t do it.  I answered yes and she said, “You taught my daughter when she was in 1st grade at Lourdes.”  I had to ask her daughter’s name, and although it took a few seconds….it clicked!   Sure enough, More than twelve years ago her daughter was in my first grade class at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School.  That “little girl” is now a sophomore in college.  Boy, did that make me feel old…and she is not even one of my first classes!  Many of those kids have graduated, are working and have started families of their own!  I can’t wait to tell my kids the story.  I am sure they will think it is funny.

It was a gorgeous sunny day.  A perfect day for a Communion.  We all got together for a great lunch, once again a big family gathering, the only way we know how to do it in our family!  Mikey, who is usually extremely shy and reserved seemed to really enjoy being the star of the day.  He even carried up the gifts during the procession while wearing a smile on his face.  It was a big step for him.  Everyone was so proud of him, but most of all, I think he was proud of himself.

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