A Cup of Tea


After a long, stressful day, (or maybe week I should say,) today, brought me to the point of being nearly overwhelmed.  Today started off poorly.  My morning running routine is still on hold because I still can’t get out and run because my hip hurts, DJ’s iphone has not been recovered, and it was just a frantic day at school.  A day that wouldn’t slow down!  I felt like I couldn’t keep up.  My whole week has been like this.

I just sat down with a cup of tea.  It is such a small thing, but I find that sometimes it helps me relax   It soothes me after a long day.  It has to be caffeine free if I am drinking it this late at night though, or else I’ll be up for hours and in the hours, I will do nothing but stress over everything that is overwhelming me to begin with!

A simple cup of tea. The smell, the steam, the warmth, all from a cup of tea is so calming.  I even have certain mugs that I like to drink it out of,  special mugs that are meaningful to me.  My mom drank tea all of the time, morning and night.  Hmmm…perhaps she was on to something, because here I am, a few sips in and already, I can feel my body starting to settle down.  I should do a little research and see if there is some scientific reason behind it all, or if it is all in my head!  Either way, it works for me, so ending my day with a cup of tea might have to be a part of my nightly routine.




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2 thoughts on “A Cup of Tea

  1. Karen Thomas May 6, 2014 at 11:29 pm Reply

    you are are right Claire there is nothing like a cup of tea. Whenever I feel like I am getting sick a cup always makes me feel better.

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