Project ACES

project aces

In 1989, Project ACES began in Montville, New Jersey.  The acronym stands for All Children Exercise Simultaneously.  According to Wikipeida, it is often called, “the world’s largest exercise class.”  This project was initiated by Physical Education Teacher Len Saunders.  The goal was to get one school in every state to exercise at the same time on a specific day in May, to help motivate his own classes to exercise and to emphasize the value of Physical Education in school.  It started out as a small initiative but now, Project ACES is a world-wide event.


Each May, on a designated date and time, millions of school children all over the globe will exercise simultaneously in a symbolic gesture of fitness and unity to show the world that they do not fit into that negative stereotype of being “physically unfit”. This non-competitive program has proven to be educational, motivational, and fun. When Len Saunders created Project ACES back in 1989, he had no idea that it would reach the magnitude and success of today. The program has been praised by Presidents of the United States; such as Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Ronald Reagan. The program has also received praise from Governors, Senators, and celebrities from sports and show business. Starting its 26th year, Project ACES has reached millions of children, parents and teachers all over the world, including participants from over 50 countries.

May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month and today was Global Project Aces!  At ten o’clock all around the world, participating schools joined together for between 15-45 minutes to do some sort of physical activity.  Unfortunately, due to the time conflicting with New Jersey state testing, we could not go out at that time.  Instead, we all went out at two o’clock and participated with students in the Pacific Time Zone 🙂  Over 600 students, along with the faculty, administrators, staff and parents gathered on the black top.  Our fabulous Physical Educators, Ted Panayoutou and Noelle Sullivan were there to lead us in a non-competitive, fun half-hour filled with great music, dancing and exercising.  Student ambassadors were chosen to lead as well.

The weather was perfect.  The sun was shining.  It was a perfect Spring afternoon.  The laughter could be heard from all around.  Once again, Tuscan School came together in a big way and showed just how great of a community it is!


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