Growing old gracefully…or not~


Last night, several of my friends took me out for dinner to celebrate my birthday.  We try to do this for each other whenever we have something to celebrate.  We went to The Melting Pot.  I had never been before but I love fondue.  Dave hates cheese…my absolute favorite food, and although they offer more than just cheese, we just never went.  When my friends asked me where I wanted to go, I chose it, knowing that it would not be a place my kids or Dave would ever want to go.

I think it was one of my favorite meals ever.  Not necessarily just for the food but because of the amazing company.  The food was good though!  We began with cheesy fondue, two different varieties to start us off.  We were oohing and aahing as we dipped the different breads, chips and fruit into that warm, gooey, melted yumminess!  Bread and cheese, two of my favorite foods blended together into a delicious treat !  That course was followed by a sampling plate of different meats and pastas that we dipped into two different cooking pots of broth.  We had two different chocolate fondues for dessert.  One was a “turtle” so it was filled with caramel. We were given plates of dippers that included pound cake, marshmallows, fruit and rice krispie treats!   That was also a treat!  Warm, melted chocolate….another plus!

As we sat around the table, in the dark restaurant, several of us struggled to read the small print on the menu.  Not the fault of the restaurant, but blamed on “old eyes.”  I took out my reading glasses and offered to share 🙂  As we sat around talking, laughing, eating and just enjoying being out, conversation jumped to different aches and pains we were experiencing.  My hip, another friends bad back, a bad ankle – these were only some of our ailments.  We had to laugh.  All of us are over forty now, and though far from being old, we sounded like a table filled with little, old ladies.  It just made us laugh harder.  We even laughed about how late it was getting and it wasn’t even ten o’clock!  Several of our bedtimes!!

So as the years pass by, we have to remember to carve time out of our busy schedules and spend it with friends.  Then, we can call the wrinkles on our face, “laugh lines” and blame it on all of the great times we share with each other.  This quote, “You don’t stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing,”  could not sum it up any better.


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