Yesterday, this came across my Facebook feed in honor of mothers who have died.  I found it so comforting and shared it with a friend who sadly lost her mother just a few days before Mother’s Day this year and I hope that she too was able to find some comfort in it.

I know that my mom is everywhere.  I see signs all over.  All of us do.  The pain of losing my mom will never go away but, slowly, it has lessened.  There are still moments I become overwhelmed with sadness but I am finding so many more happy memories to dwell on.  I am remembering more times from when she was healthy and not focusing on when she was feeling so miserable . I am trying to remember what mom left for all of us rather than what we have lost since she’s been gone.

Even tonight, as I am writing this, Drew is getting ready for soccer tryouts.  He came running downstairs to ask me how he would be able to tuck grandma’s prayer card into his uniform somewhere so that she’d be with him when he tries out.  She is always on our mind, she is always in our hearts and she is always in our hearts.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom.  We miss you.

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