Fortunately and Unfortunately

fortunately unfortunately

Unfortunately, about two years ago, our son Drew experienced two concussions.  Due to these, he was sidelined from sports and school for quite some time.  He had to limit all activities including television and computer time as well.  During this time, he started researching dogs.  Until then, he had never shown much interest in having a pet.  Fortunately, as he began to recover and get more time on the computer, he expanded his search to rescue dogs and that is how we found our sweet Emmy Lou.

Emmy Lou is the perfect dog.  We have no complaints and she is an integral part of our family!  Unfortunately, she is quite old, and like a little old lady, she can’t always make it through the night without needing a walk and this week, she has woken us up at 3:30 everyday needing to go out.  Fortunately, she wakes us and doesn’t have an accident in the house!!

Unfortunately, today it was my turn to get up with her at 3:37.  After taking her out for a quick walk, I wasn’t able get back to sleep.  Because of that, I was checking my email rather early  when I saw that there was an email reminding me to activate my new debit card.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember receiving a new debit card.  I searched through a few piles of mail but still couldn’t find it so I checked my current debit card and realized that it expires in two weeks!  Fortunately, there are representatives available 24 hours a day at Wells Fargo, so I was able to take care of it very early this morning and a new debit card is on its way.

Fortunately, today was Puppy Spa Day.  Emmy Lou HATES the vacuum so we can only use it when she is out for a walk or at the puppy spa getting a hair cut.  Fortunately, with her out of the house, Dave was able to get a lot of vacuuming done.  He also got some organizing taken care of and fortunately, he found the debit card!  Unfortunately, since I already called about it, the card is now voided, as is the one in my wallet –  which I absentmindedly tried to use when I tried to pay for dinner on my way home. Fortunately, I had the “emergency credit card” in my wallet. While I realize that sushi is not normally what I’d consider, “an emergency”, after being awake for nearly 17 hours, I felt fortunate that I was even able to think straight at that point!




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