Maya Angelou

Upon hearing that Maya Angelou passed away today, I could not help but recall one of my favorite quotes of hers.

maya angelou 2

What I didn’t realize, was, that it was only a part of a much longer quote and now, I love it even more.

may angelou I've learned

I think it is a good one to keep in the back of my mind.  This has been a long, tiring week dealing with my dad – who is still in the hospital.  My siblings and I don’t all see eye to eye on his health care and it is causing a lot of friction!!  I had a frustrating day and had to miss an awards ceremony at DJ’s high school tonight.  He wound up getting three awards for his work on the television production work he has been working on all year.  I am so proud of him!  I was so sad to miss seeing it in person, but knew that I needed to be at the hospital with my dad, speaking to his doctors and nurses to find out the next steps in his health care.  We all have to make decisions and in the end, we have to believe in our hearts that we have made the right one.

Rest in peace Maya Angelou.  You were an inspiration to so many people.  Thank you for your words.  They have touched so many people.

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