Too Early??

small steps

My dad came home from the hospital last night.  Too soon in my opinion.  I said it more than once but he refused to stay and my brothers agreed with him, so at 11 pm last night, Dave went and picked him up and took him home.  His fever might be down, his blood pressure might be regular BUT he cannot walk.  A symptom he did not enter the hospital with.

He has had bad knees for awhile, but doesn’t seem to want to get them checked out despite all of our insisting.  Even my mom would try to get him to get them taken care of, but no, he is stubborn especially when it comes to medicine!  While he was in the hospital, I offered to walk with him but he wouldn’t.  Kathi did too.  Now, he’s home and can’t even stand.

Dave stayed here all day with him.  A colleague of mine graciously offered me a walker she had in her home.  So after work, I went and picked that up and have been with him since.  I took over Dave’s shift.  My 98 year old grandma and her aide were here.  Gram kept trying to help him but she uses a walker herself, so although she tried, there wasn’t much she could do for him.

He hasn’t moved off of his chair.  He has been sleeping off and on all day.  I was finally able to reach one of the doctors and when they heard about the severity of his legs, they ordered a new prescription and are seeing him early tomorrow morning.  Dave is going to take him, but I truly don’t know how he will get him there.

Last night, my brothers stayed with my dad.  They weren’t able to do much for him and since he won’t get out of his chair, I made the decision to call for assistance for tonight.  I called a service who is sending a nurse that will stay here and help meet his needs.  There is only so much we can do.  I joked with him that helping with his “bathroom issues” was way beyond my “daughter duties.”  We did finally convince him that he had to have help and just the fact that he agreed, made me realize that perhaps he is realizing that he really wasn’t ready to be home.

His nurse is due to arrive around ten.  I was told that he is a very large man who will be able to move dad around and get him around much better than any of us can.  I will stay until he gets here and fill him in on anything he needs to know.  He will be here until the morning when Linda, the woman who helps take care of the house comes.

I am hoping that after his doctor’s appointment we will have more answers and will be able to move forward with a plan on how to help him best.  Maybe next time we are arguing about what is best for him, he might actually listen to me…. 🙂

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