Leaving but not for home yet

Dad is being released from the hospital tonight. He is being sent to Kessler Institute where he will stay for rehabilitation until he is walking without assistance. He has to continue with IV medication for awhile as well and that will be administered there everyday. He’s on those medications for at least eight more days. Whatever this infection was, it was a bad one. Hopefully, with the rehab he will be on the road to recovery and back to his old self soon.

The care he received in the hospital was great. He had so many nurses and doctors seeing him. The nurses were terrific and I admire what they do! It is definitely a calling! We appreciate the time they took not only with my dad, but with us too.

We’ve been waiting for transport for quite some time now. As soon as they arrive I will leave with him. DJ and Drew went to the mall today to buy him some comfy sweatpants. He doesn’t own any! Dave and my sister will meet us at Kessler with the more stuff he might need while he’s there.

We all thank you for the well wishes as we wait for him to get back to normal.


2 thoughts on “Leaving but not for home yet

  1. Mary Lynn June 4, 2014 at 10:22 pm Reply

    Claire, Glad he is moving to the next phase of his recovery. Love, Mar

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