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Tonight, I just spent nearly forty-five minutes helping Drew search his room.  His very small room, for his “heart guard shirt” that he needs to wear tomorrow in his baseball playoff game.  FORTY-FIVE minutes in a room that I can barely find the floor because there is so much stuff all over the floor.  We have tried so many different tactics for keeping that room organized and absolutely nothing has worked.  I need to find a solution because I am at the point that I’d rather just shut the door and not look at it than tackle the mess with him one more time! You cannot make it from Drew’s door to his bed without stepping on something.  There is not a spot on his carpet that is open.

I have bought him bins to put things in, reorganized his drawers, emptied off shelves, but nothing works.  We have offered incentives, taken away privileges to no avail.  Neither Dave or I are known for being the most organized people but never to this extent. We are “pilers” but I do know what is in every pile and where to find what we need. Our house is not very big and there is not a lot of space to put everything.  Our closets are tiny so we cannot even hide a lot of the clutter.  I get into purging moods every so often and I think I am in one today.  These are the days that I want to get a dumpster and just toss things in without giving them a second look.

School is over in fourteen days.  Summer will be here and although I will be working part time, it will give me a lot of time to do some of this purging.  I have to get Drew in on it.  I just looked back at my New Years Resolutions and realized that I had said that purging would be one of them.  I have not done so well following that one.  Summer will be my time to catch up.  I just hope that in a few months I don’t look back at this post and realize that I slacked again!!  I am open to any suggestions for how to get organized.  We could all use it in my house!!

Oh!  We did find the shirt.  It was in the back of my car.  Exactly where he left it last week after his game.


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