Drew Time

love you forever

This quote comes from one of my favorite children’s books, “I Love You Forever” by Robert Munsch.

Once in awhile I still get one of those ‘rare days” where Drew wants to spend time with me.  Today was one of them, (at least for a few hours.)  He had a playoff game for soccer this morning and played so well!!  I was so proud of him.  The whole team did a good job but to hear his name being called out by parents on the sidelines as they cheered for a few of his strong plays or after making a few good plays as goalie, was awesome!  They weren’t just cheering for him though.  Everyone cheers for each others’ children.  Many of these boys have been playing together for years others are new to the team this year.  Dave is the coach and this is his passion.  If only there was a “real job” he could get out of it someday.  He is so good at it!  The kids really respect him and he is all about teamwork.

Since Dave’s own soccer game coincided with this one, he sat out of his but met up with his own team after their game.  That left Drew and me together for a few hours.  I told him I’d treat him to lunch somewhere but we had to go visit grandpa to drop off some clean clothes for him.  He chose McDonald’s which is right near Kessler Institute. He wanted to eat there rather than order it to go so we went in and although McDonald’s would never be my lunch of choice, it was nice to spend time just the two of us.  I ordered a salad and he ordered what he always does, nuggets and fries.  He splurged and had a McFlurry as well and devoured it, telling me it was the first one he’d ever had, but wouldn’t be the last!

We talked about school, (something he never wants to discuss,) summer camp, his summer baseball team, today’s game…just everyday stuff that this moody, preteen usually just mutters a one word response to.  He is so excited about his soccer win today.  This means that they are guaranteed first or second place and the coveted prize, a TROPHY!!  He told me that as soon as he got home he was clearing off his trophy shelf to make room for the new one.  That game is next weekend.  Even Dave is excited.  His team has never gotten this far along so today it is a happy day in our house.

If I got an entire two hours of “Drew time” today, imagine what will happen if they win next week!?!?

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