Coming to a close

postpone summer

There are only nine days of school left in the school year!  You can feel the excitement radiating throughout the school.  The hallways are filled with enthusiasm and there is an energy permeating around the building.  It is like an epidemic as it slowly spreads throughout the school.  Keeping the kids busy learning while still trying to maintain control becomes more challenging everyday!  The anticipation of summer is upon us all.  It happens every year.

The end of the year is so different from those first few weeks of school.  New pencils, fresh crayons and glue sticks, all of them in proper containers.  In September, my room looked so organized!   Now, the kids are scrounging around the room just to find pencils with erasers.  They are using broken crayons and half used glue sticks.  There is no reason to get more for the final days of school so for now, they will share and use up what we have.  A lesson in recycling perhaps?!?!?

People ask if it feels like things are winding down but it actually it seems the complete opposite!  So many things still need to be completed in the next two weeks.  We are moving at full speed and I don’t think it will stop until that moment when the kids walk out the doors on the last day.  Then, we will all take a breath…and start cleaning our rooms to get them ready for next school year!!


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