rain rain go away

Today was our annual Kindergarten celebration.  We call it Kindergarten Kaleidoscope.  I am not sure how the name came to be.  It was already there when I started at Tuscan.   The kids and teachers put a lot of time and effort into the show.  They memorize lines, learn songs all year long, decorate tee shirts that they wear in the show and perform in front of a few hundred people.

The children never fail to amaze us and once again, they did a great job this year.  Our reception after the show was scheduled to be outside.  Torrential rain blew in as the kids arrived at school.  They arrived soaked and we watched the weather forecast as the day went on hoping that we might get a break at some point.  It wasn’t looking good, but with a lull in the rain, we decided to go ahead and set up the tables and tents an hour before the show.   All of us crossed our fingers and just hoped it would hold off.

Well, it did!  Not only did it stop raining, but the sun came out!  I started the day with this quote on my Facebook page:

friday 13

and swore that I wouldn’t let the “Friday the 13th Jitters” get to me.  It worked!  The weather stayed nice for a few hours.  Now thunder storms are rolling in again.  The rain is teeming down but Kindergarten Kaleidoscope is over.  300 people were able to celebrate together outside today.  We didn’t have to worry about rescheduling or canceling their party.  It was a success and those children should be very proud of themselves.  I know their teachers are proud of them!

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