Not the Way We Planned

not as planned

It is Father’s Day.  A day to celebrate all of the wonderful dads and thank them for all they do for their families.  This morning, like every Sunday morning, Dave left early to play soccer.  His team plays weekly and I know it is one of his favorite parts of the week.

My dad loves brunch and nearly every year we have gone to brunch to celebrate Father’s Day.  Last year was no different, although it was difficult not having mom or Francine there, we all got through it and as the year has gone by, the holidays are getting easier for us to get through.  Of course we still miss them immensely, but the pain has subdued some and the memories we have are priceless.

This year, we couldn’t do our “traditional” brunch, since dad is still at Kessler Institute for a few more days, so we decided to bring brunch to him instead.  We got him his favorite bagels and coffee and met my brothers and grandma there.  It was a beautiful day so we went outside and ate in the courtyard.  Dad used the walker instead of his wheelchair.  He is slow moving but is getting  better at it everyday.  Two more days and he should be home.  His life can start getting back to normal for him.

I am sending Father’s Day love to Joe Doubek today.  His son Zach is still in the PICU battling this terrible illness.  Today is Zach’s 12th birthday and I know he was looking forward to sharing the day with his dad celebrating!  Instead, Zach was undergoing another surgery this morning.  I know that Joe and Zach will be surrounded by family today at the hospital. Both Joe and Marnie have written about the beauty they have witnessed through the generosity of friends, family and neighbors. Their entire world has been turned upside down and although I am sure they don’t feel like celebrating right now, I know that their love and the loved being poured out to them will help get them through this.

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