Dad is Home

good to be home

My dad came home today.  After four weeks in the hospital and rehabilitation home, I know he was thrilled to be home.  My brother Tim picked him up after his final physical therapy session.  He came home with things that they feel will make him more comfortable.  He has a walker and a special shower seat but was using just a cane when Dave and I went to see him this afternoon.  Dave ran to the grocery store to pick up some things for him.  He doesn’t cook for himself.  Usually he eats with my grandmother or one of us so he just needed the basics.  I don’t think he plans on leaving the house for a few days.  Tonight, Grammy and her caretaker are at his house making dinner.  My sister Kathi and I will each take a day as well.  As soon as he is ready and can drive on his own, I am sure he will head back to his store and get out more.

Kathi and her family have been keeping his dog with them this whole time.  She brought her back today and dad was so happy to see her.  He was going through the stack of bills and mail that accumulated all month.  That should take him awhile!  Kathi and I have things to do tonight and can’t join them for dinner but my brothers will be there.  He is okay to be alone for the night.  He is getting along better than we all expected.  My brothers will stay till he heads up to bed and then tomorrow, a caretaker will come by to figure out his schedule for more therapy.

I am sure he will be happy to sleep in his own bed tonight.  Coming home after time away always feels so good!


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