Getting Muddy Again

embrace the dirt

It is that time of year again, The Muckfest!  Today, was an amazing day.  A day spent with coworkers, teachers, neighbors and a few parents from our school, Mucking it up” at “The Muck Fest”.  This was my third Muck Fest, and my fifth mud race.  Each year, as the build up to the race happens, I think it will be my last, and then I do it and cannot wait till the next one!

Last year my goal was to overcome my fear of a few of the high obstacles and I did it!  This year, my goal was to run the whole thing, which is why I began training with the C25k program.  It worked!  I was able to keep up and run pretty much the entire race and I kept up with two of my coworkers who left me in their dust last year!

We had thirteen people on our “Mudketeers Team” this year.  The best part of all, was that in the end, we raised nearly $2000 that will go to The National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Last year we ran in honor of Lee Sacket, the husband of one of our coworkers.  This year, it was in his memory, as he lost his battle with MS in November.  I am sure today was a bittersweet day for her and her sons who ran with us.

It was amazing to see so many people out on this beautiful day running and having fun all while raising money for such a good cause.  From wikipedia:

For MuckFest MS, runners are called “muckers.” MuckFest MS attracts an almost even split of men and women across a broad range of age groups. The event is self-timed and the course and obstacles are designed to allow for a wide range of abilities, from top tri-athletes and marathoners to beginning athletes and groups from exercise boot camps and gyms. Because of its affiliation with National MS Society, every event includes runners who are living with multiple sclerosis, some of whom complete the course using a cane for stability. Many runners dedicate their participation to family members or friends living with multiple sclerosis.

I am sure I will be mucking it up again next year with my fellow “Muckers.”  The popularity of these races is growing – maybe more friends will be inspired to join and get dirty with us next year!

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