My siblings and our spouses share a secret…well I guess it is not much of a secret if you’ve been in my dad’s house.  He saves EVERYTHING!!!  Not quite at the point of getting on the show “Hoarders” yet, but the stacks of papers in his office are probably taller than Drew!  He knows what’s in each of those piles though and anytime we have offered to help him go through it or get organized he says no.  He tells us, he might need something so he can’t get rid of it!! I think he has receipts from the 1970’s in the stacks! Fortunately, most of it is contained to that one room.  He saves Parade magazines, and The Barrons newspapers too.  It has become a joke at this point.

Today, when I began organizing a file cabinet in my classroom, I realized, there is a bit of my dad in me!!  I have assessments and parent notes from my first class at Tuscan.  I kept saving them, just in case. Some of those kids are going into seventh grade now, which means they are from eight years ago.  At this point, I highly doubt that someone is going to come back and ask me to see the assessments they took in Kindergarten.  My file cabinet was so stuffed, I didn’t have room for my current class so I decided it was time to weed through them.

Well, I got through two of those files.  Yes, two.  Not two file cabinets, two folders.  UGH!  What is wrong with me!? I got so caught up in the memories.  I sat and read sweet parent notes, and looked at the art work and their Kindergarten spelling and remembered when they were little.  This morning, three of the fifth graders who were “moving up” today, stopped by my classroom to give me sentimental letters that they wrote to me.  Of course they made me weepy.  Maybe that’s why I got nostalgic while going through those files.

Tomorrow, that huge stack of folders, (which I put into a pile… yup, just like my dad,) will have to be dealt with.  None of them have any personal information so they don’t need to be shredded or disposed of any special way.  It can all be recycled.  I cannot spend these last valuable hours of packing up my class for the summer, just going through folders so I have to “bite the bullet” and just do it.

I will still save the folders for all of my students who are in grades 1-5.  I don’t think I have ever been asked for anything from them past first grade, but I save them anyway.  You never know….I just might need something from one of them some day!  Yup – I sound just like my dad!

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