99 birthday

On September 3, my grandma will turn 99 years old.  She still lives in her home with a caretaker and other than some aches and pains, she is still pretty “with it.”   She has three sons, two who live within ten miles of her and one who lives quite far away – in Alaska! Her ten grandchildren are spread are scattered around as well.  Six of us live with our families in New Jersey, again, within ten miles of her. Two live in Nevada and two in Alaska.  Between all of us she has fifteen great-grandchildren and one on the way.

Having relatives spread across the country means she will be getting to celebrate her birthday several times this year.  I guess being nearly a century old means you deserve it!  Tonight, a bunch of us got together at Gram’s house to celebrate with some of our cousins who are here from Nevada. They have been here for a week and we are so sad to see them go, but hopefully they’ll be back next year for her 100th!  That’s the plan, for all of us to meet up next summer. It will take a lot of planning to get all of our schedules synched but if we start planning now, we might just be able to make it happen.  I know that Gram doesn’t want anything too big but even celebrating with just our family there could be fifty people or more!

For now, we focus on her 99th.  Small celebrations all summer long will keep her happy.  More cousins arrive in August for another celebration.  We can’t wait!

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