Hey Batter Batter Batter

batter batter

Drew wants a new baseball bat.  They are not cheap!  He got a new one last year, “The Lucky Bat” I just looked back to find the blog and I realized that I wrote about it more than once.  One of those baseball bat blogs was written a year ago today.  Well, I guess the luck of that “old” bat has run out, so now we need a new one to bring some good karma to his swing!

Once he gets something stuck in his head, that is all he will talk about for days and days and days….and this is one of those times.  If I hear one more thing about the DeMarini 2014 Voodoo Paradox, I might scream!  We have already told him that he has to pay for this bat himself.  We aren’t buying him another one.  He has priced them out at stores and searched on line.  He has found the best price, (I love that he gets his bargain shopping talents from me!) He has it bookmarked on the computer so that he can sit and stare at it as he comes up with some clever ways to earn some money.

The bonus is, he is cleaning and purging his bedroom and finding things to sell on our local swap meet in town.  He has already sold some Wii games, a “too small” baseball bat and a game.  He had some money saved up already so once he reaches his goal, he will order that new “phenomenal, unbelievable, incredible” bat.  I just hope it is as lucky as the last one and that its luck doesn’t run out quite as quickly!


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