Memory File

picture memoriesI have been going through stacks of papers that need to be filed.  I recently wrote that I think I might be a bit of a hoarder, but with filing, I never know how long things should be kept and what is important to save or what should be thrown out.  Unfortunately, Dave isn’t a lot better at the filing so it has been piling up for awhile.  While going through the filing cabinet, I weeded out a lot of old things and reorganized my “system.”  I found folders for DJ and Drew.  I don’t save a lot of their stuff from school.  Worksheets get tossed, tests too.  I have saved some cute stories or artwork, that they created.  I found pictures of them from when they were little, (and I was better at filing things away where they belonged) and a bunch of stories DJ wrote in Kindergarten.  I got lost reading them and spent way too much time on those files but it was worth it.

Both boys were always writing about sports.  Playing sports, going to sporting events and their favorite players. In one of them from when he was in Kindergarten, DJ wrote that when he grows up, he wants to be “a professional hockey player or a kite flyer.”  I could not stop laughing at that one.  I think he’s flown a kite once.  I guess it left quite an impression on him!  His art work was filled with rainbows and pictures of his family.  Drew’s were all about sports, sports, sports and occasionally his teddy bear.

I didn’t save a lot.  Neither of the boys loved to write stories or do artwork, so there are not many treasures like those in the folder, but the few that I saved are priceless and I am glad that I haven’t opened up those folders in a while because they were like a gift today as I sifted through them.



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