I promised I would not complain about New Jersey’s hot, humid summers after the horrible winter we experienced here.  I am not going to do it!  Dave and I debate all of the time which is tougher, the winter or summer and I always say it is the winter.  My body actually aches from the cold.   Now that it is summer and the humidity has arrived, I am starting to rethink it though and maybe…just maybe…Dave is onto something.  He always says that in the winter, you can keep piling on layers to warm up, but in the summer, there is only so much that you can take off and even then, you still sweat. I dread bundling up and the layers upon layers I have to put on in the winter, to go for a run or even just to go out to the car to drive to work are so cumbersome.  Summer is so much easier for that.

Drew isn’t handling the heat well though.  The last few days, he’s been coming home from camp and falling asleep for an hour.  Last night, he didn’t feel well at all and went to bed before eight o’clock without even eating dinner.  This morning, he sent me a text while I was at work and told me he was tired.  An odd text from him.  I couldn’t do anything about it from work, so Dave went and picked him up before lunch and said he fell asleep at 11:30.  I got home a few hours later and he was still asleep.  He slept for over three hours!  I was worried that he was getting sick.  Naps are so out of character for him.

Fortunately, that was all that he needed.  He woke up and CLEANED HIS ROOM before getting ready for his evening baseball game.  It was like a different kid emerged from his bedroom this afternoon.

I guess sometimes, a nap is all we need to rejuvenate  and regenerate ourselves.  Now… we just have to hope he can fall asleep tonight after that long nap!  Otherwise we are in for a long night!  Good think the air conditioners are working!


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