Day Two

peace love and music

Yesterday was the first day of Maplewoodstock.  Dave and I have gone to almost all of the past eleven music festivals and never planned ahead, so we usually got a space sandwiched among a patchwork of picnic blankets and umbrellas spread out along the lawn of Memorial Park.  This year was different.  I knew that I’d be there all day taking photos for The Village Green website, so we went hours before the event started and “claimed” our spot with our small tent along the perimeter of the park, (as the rules stated.) We thought we had this bright idea and would beat the crowd, but it was one of the last places left along the edge of the park.  We staked the tent, put down our blankets and went on with our morning as usual and headed back to the park a little before noon when it began.

Of course, being the rule follower that I am, I was a bit disappointed to see that someone else had come and set up a tent directly in front of ours, (not following the rules…) I stewed about it for a bit, but on this day of “Peace, love and community,” I decided to let it go and just go with the flow.  We could still see through their tent and the music was loud enough to hear blocks away.  I was walking around for much of it anyway snapping photos.

The music was great, the vendors had original and creative merchandise, the food from the local restaurants was delicious and the weather was perfect.  It was the biggest crowd I have ever seen at any of the prior Maplewoodstocks.  I was able to get photos of most of the day.  A montage of sorts.  I loved how The Village Green shared them on their website.  The “Singers, Strummers and Drummers,” for the bands, “Baubels, Bangles, Beads and Beer” for the vendors and not yet shared, “Faces in the Crowd” which was a collection of the people of all ages who came out for the day.

Today is Day Two.  I am not working and taking photos today.  Just going to sit under my tent and enjoy another day outside.  The weather isn’t quite as nice as yesterday but a little rain didn’t keep people away at the original Woodstock, so as long as there is no lightening, the show will go on!

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