Thunder and Lightening

thunder and lightening

A big storm is headed our way tonight.  Drew’s baseball game has been canceled in anticipation of it. The weather reporters have been talking about it all day.  Flash flood alerts have been issued as well.  Right now, the skies are still clear but it is looming overhead and due to hit our area soon.  I am writing my blog now in anticipation of losing power later….although I pray that won’t happen again!

When I was a kid, I was petrified of lightening and thunder.  I hated storms.  I remember the trick my mom taught us about counting the seconds between the lightning strike and the thunder to know how far away a storm was.   Growing up, our  house was high on a hill and it overlooked New York City in the distance.  The family room in the back of the house was all windows and sometimes we would sit out there on the couch, snuggled up next to my mom and watch the storms as the lightning lit up the sky like a fireworks show!  I wasn’t as nervous when we were all together, but when I was in my bedroom all alone at night and the house shook with thunder and the shades did nothing to block out the flashes, I was terrified.

As I grew older, I grew less and less afraid. and  I actually have grown to enjoy a summer storm now and then, although I still feel like a little girl once in awhile when it is right over head and our house shakes along with the thunder. Now, I am more afraid of the enormous, old tree in front of the house getting hit with lightning or a limb falling onto the house from the wind!

My kids had some fears when they were little but now their biggest fear is losing power during a storm.  The one most fearful of  thunder storms right now is Emmy Lou, our  dog.  At least with kids we can explain to them about storms and the science behind them which might even make it a bit exciting, or they can block out the noise with music and earphones.  There is no explaining to a pet.  Emmy Lou seems to find comfort near us, on the couch or on our bed just knowing that we are right there beside her.   Kind of like me when I was a kid 🙂



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