Made My Day

made my day

A few days ago I wrote about the newest challenge I gave myself.  I was going to give a compliment, or send a nice message to someone everyday just to let them know I am grateful for them or thankful for something they have done.  I have been pretty good about keeping up with it.

Today, a coworker at the camp I am working at this summer, (who doesn’t read my blog, so he doesn’t know about my challenge,) sent me a message after work today.  It was a simple message sent as a text on my phone, it read, “Thank you for being so kind and an inspiration.”  Just a straightforward, easy message that meant so much to me.  It made me realize that these quick messages that I have been sending out, even if I don’t hear back, must be doing the same for others.  It gave me the motivation to keep up with my challenge.

I encourage you to do the same.  It could really make someone’s day ❤




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