A Gift From My Mom

mother daugther

Today, I went to a store that my mom used to frequent often.  I hadn’t been there in awhile and while I was there, one of the employees asked what my mom’s phone number had been.  I wasn’t sure why she was asking, but I told her and she left me for a few moments.  When she came back she handed me a store card that had bonus credits on it from when my mom had shopped there.  There were quite a few points on it!!  Even though it has been months since she died, they were still there lying dormant I guess.

The woman had taken those points and transferred them to me.  She told me that I could use them towards another purchase at the store.  A pleasant surprise that was handed over to me today.  A gift from mom.  I had just been thinking about her at the time too. She loved this place and she loved when we went there together.  It was if she knew I was there.

Thanks mom!


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