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smell the roses

I haven’t ever had much luck with gardening.  I have gorgeous rose bushes along the side of my house that were planted by the previous owner, Mrs. Werthman, who lived in this house for 65 years.  I would not be surprised if those rose bushes were nearly that old!  She was an avid gardener and all of the plants around the house were from when she lived here.  I do nothing to take care of them, yet they come back year after year and the roses are absolutely stunning.  There is a huge rhododendron and azalea bush in the yard as well.   Again, all from her.  I often look toward heaven to thank Mrs. Werthman when they are in their full glory because they’d never be there if it weren’t for her.

Earlier this month I wrote about the vegetable garden that is growing at our camp.  In just the four weeks that we have been there, our sunflowers have grown tall and are ready to be planted in the ground.  The plants that were merely sprouts when we arrived are now producing hearty fruits and vegetables that are ready to eat.  I saw someone eating apples off one of the small trees this morning.  Mrs. D who has been leading us through the gardening process gave us some Swiss Chard  that I plan on making pesto out of tonight.  She also left a cucumber for me that I will try to make some pickles out of.  I found a simple pickle recipe yesterday and attempted a batch and they came out great.  Delicious in fact.  Even DJ,  ate them!

All of this has motivated me to try to grow my own vegetable garden next summer.  It is too late to do it this year, but as I see the incredible things growing in other people’s gardens, I am inspired to try it myself!  I will start small and I am looking for tips and advice from fellow gardeners out there!  I don’t have a lot of space for a garden, but after seeing the results of our camp garden, I am ready to attempt it!

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