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My friend Eddie is quite possibly the most confident person I have ever met.  He is on Broadway, an amazing dancer, handsome and no stranger to the selfie on Facebook.  In his profile, he describes his work as “Dishwater Dada to Devastatingly Fierce Dancer in a Hot Second.”  What’s not confident about that?!?!  He has an amazing family and is a fantastic, hands on dad.  He makes me laugh and his positive, self-confident attitude is what draws people to him.  He is like a magnet attracting everyone in his path.

Today, he posted something that surprised me.  He wrote,

I am not shy about many things but my voice is one of them. I have always been told all my life “your vibrato is too fast”, “you have to sing with straight tones”, “your inflections are very strange”. It has taken a lot of practice to blend in with a chorus of singers, but when I take a solo I’m tossing that all away and letting my “real” vocal take flight. It’s scary to put something like this out there, but I’m trying to uncover my own sound as a performer. I LOVE this song, it is one take…so imperfect, but I like that and purely for fun. Enjoy!

I was shocked to think that he, a Broadway actor, would fear something like this.  Eddie is one of those people that does his own thing, marches to the beat of his own drum. I guess it just proves that no matter how confident someone might seem, everyone experiences times of self-doubt.  Especially if they are trying something new.  Perhaps it is the fear of failing?

I am glad that he put it out there for others to hear.  I am sure he will receive plenty of compliments and praise for it.  Perhaps he will get criticism as well.  Maybe that is what he is looking for.  He strives for perfection and I am sure this is going to give him the confidence that he needs to reach it!



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