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Every now and then, I have a flashback to something I haven’t thought about in years.  Tonight, it was Jahn’s Ice-cream Parlor.  I happened to be driving with the kids in Union, NJ, only one town over from Maplewood where we live.  I am in Union all of the time and I have no idea why today of all days this memory popped into my head.  I started to tell the boys about “this old ice-cream parlor” that my mom used to take us to as kids for special celebrations.  At the time,  I couldn’t remember the name, but I remembered exactly where it was located.  I told DJ and he asked Siri, (oh modern technology,) for ice cream stores in the area.  She told him the names of four that we were close to.  None of them were the one I was thinking of though.  Still not remembering the name, we passed the location where I thought it was and instead found a CVS.

I began to tell the boys what I could remember about the place.  I remember being very young when we used to go there.  I remembered it was an ice-cream parlor with booths and waitress service – reminiscent of the scenes from Grease when they are in the Frosty Palace Diner.  I couldn’t remember a lot about the menu, only that they had a lot of flavors.  There was one that had a lot of scoops in it.  Too many for one person to eat and that it was meant to serve a crowd.  All of these little memories were making me crazy, wishing I could call my mom to ask her because I could not ever remember going with my dad.  Only with my mom and maybe my grandma.

By this point, the three of us were all in the mood for ice-cream so we decided to try another place and went to The Magic Fountain instead.  The ice-cream was good, but I still couldn’t remember the name of the place I had flashed back to.  To get back home, we had to pass the cemetery where my mom was buried.  We were eating our ice-cream in the car and we all held it up as if to toast her as we passed.  Just then, I remembered the name of the place.  Jahn’s.  Maybe mom sent me a message 🙂

I decided to call my dad when I got home and ask him if he remembered the place.  Turns out, he did and that he and my mom and all of their friends used to “hang out” there on Friday nights.  It was “the place to be” back in the 60’s.  He even remembered the name of that big ice-cream sundae that I couldn’t remember the name of, The Kitchen Sink. He told me that he didn’t remember ever taking us there and I told him that I only remembered being there with mom.  As we were talking he was trying to think of the names of the other sundaes they were famous for.  I googled it and apparently it was a chain.  There were the Boilermaker, the Awful Awful, the Suicide Frappe, Screwball’s Delight, the Joe Sent Me and one called The Flaming Desire which had five scoops of ice cream topped by a flaming sugar cube.  He remembered them all!

I guess I brought back some happy memories for him tonight as well.  I wish my memories were a bit more vivid.  I am only remembering bits and pieces.  From what I have read, there aren’t any Jahn’s left.  They have all closed down.  It was still a happy memory.  I am sure I have stirred up a few for some of you reading this tonight too.  If you have a memory of Jahn’s I’d love to hear it in the comments!!

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4 thoughts on “Flashback

  1. Greg December 7, 2015 at 1:08 pm Reply

    OMG I remember Jahns very well. As a young boy me and my dad would take grandma to union for breakfast every saturday morning. Our main place was Cafe Mozart, however they closed in the mid 80’s and Jahns became our go to place. Great memories, it closed in 1998 and has been replaced by a cvs.

    • clairesinclair December 7, 2015 at 4:41 pm Reply

      So glad to hear from you. That was a great place wasn’t it?!?! I think I remember Cafe Mozart as well – at least I remember the name of it!

  2. Jack Burke July 23, 2019 at 1:16 am Reply

    My sister and I both worked at Jahn’s….both in the mid 1960s. She as a waitress. She got me a job as a busboy. In another year I worked as a waiter. What wonderful memories! It was the best possible job for a young teenage boy. All of the girls used to hangout there. Certainly the coolest job that I could ever have. And, the food was fabulous…..especially the ice cream. Yummy!

    Think often of Jahn’s!

    • clairesinclair July 23, 2019 at 5:13 am Reply

      Thanks for commenting. It has been awhile since I wrote on my blog and it brought me back to it today.

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