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Today, we are headed out for our first college tour for DJ.  Just the kids and I are going.  Dave is staying home with Emmy Lou.  It was almost as expensive to board her somewhere as it was to get an extra night in a hotel so Dave decided to stay at home, while the three of us head to Connecticut.  We did visit two schools already when we visited the two schools over Spring Break, but we didn’t get a tour.  We just went around the campus to check it out.  If those schools turn into ones that DJ really wants to pursue more seriously, we will head to them again.

The original plan was to head out very early tomorrow morning since our first visit is at Fairfield University at 9am. Of course traffic was worrying me because I “have a thing” about being on time.  I hate being late for anything and this is so important for DJ.  We started to look into going a night earlier and then got a special invite that made the decision even easier.

One of my roommates in college, Mary Lynn, (Mar), grew up right around the area that we are headed to.  Last month I sent her a message telling her that we were headed to her town to visit.  Mar is living and working in Africa right now so I knew she wouldn’t be there, but I was hoping that she’d remind me of some of the fun places that she always talked about and let us know where we should go while we were there.

Mar’s mom saw my message to her and extended and invitation for us to come for dinner one of the nights while we were there.  I haven’t seen her mom in twenty years and I was so touched by her kindheartedness.  That made the decision to come today rather than tomorrow even easier.  I am looking forward to seeing her tonight and having her meet my boys.

Tomorrow, after a tour of Fairfield, we will head to Sacred Heart University.  We weren’t able to get a tour there, but since it is still one of his choices we will walk around the campus and see what he thinks.  If he wants, we can always schedule a tour for another time.  We will have two more tours on Tuesday, University of New Haven and Quinnipiac.  I like the idea that the schools are less than two hours away.  I am still trying to convince him to do one year locally and then transfer somewhere, but I am slowly losing that battle.

So many of DJ’s friends are doing the college tours right now.  I don’t remember doing it when I was a Senior.  I don’t even remember many of my friends doing it.  I applied to only four schools and had been numerous times to the one I wound up at, American University, because my dad was an alumni there so we had visited often.

I am excited for him.  Nervous too.  I think he is too, although, I doubt he’ll ever admit that to me!!

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