Jersey Girls Don’t Pump Gas

jersey girls gas

This morning, we knew we had a very busy day ahead of us and although we could have probably made it through the day and back home without filling up the gas tank, I was worried about hitting traffic on the way home and being a person who doesn’t like to let the gas tank get below a quarter tank, I figured we’d better do that before we began our tours.

I live in New Jersey, where it is illegal to pump your own gas, so sadly, I never have.  When we are out of state, Dave has always done it and even while I was at college myself, I can’t remember ever doing it.  Someone always did it for me.  So today was the day the I was going to learn how!  Nothing like being forty-four and learning something new!

There was a gas station right near the hotel.  A Citgo.  I pulled up to the pump ready to do it.  I got out of the car when an older gentleman who worked there walked up to my car.  I told him I would take care of it, (knowing fully well that it costs more to have full service.)  I did tell him that he this was my first time and he laughed and called me a “Jersey Girl.”  He did it for me, showing me what I needed to do and he didn’t even charge me more for doing it.  Instead, we chatted about college and how expensive it is.  His own son is at Clemson right now.  What a great start to our day – after another filing breakfast of waffles and whipped cream for Drew 🙂

Today’s tours were of University of New Haven and Quinnipiac.  Both were great schools.  Of the four schools we saw over these two days, he can only drop one from his list.  His lists of pros outweigh the cons for the other three and he came up with so many positives for all of them.  I am sure there are more schools that he will want to see and we will do that, but most of these schools are already beginning to accept applications!  Maybe DJ is ready…I just don’t know if I am!  I especially don’t know if Drew is ready to let him go.  DJ and I were laughing because Drew was at the front of every line during the tours as if it was he that was there looking at colleges instead of DJ.  I have to admit, I was a little nostalgic seeing dorm life and the quad.  It brought back so many great memories.

DJ has a lot to think about and decisions to make.  I still wish he’d do a year local, but after seeing all of these schools, I am almost sure I have lost that battle.  It took us only two hours to get home tonight so he will still be close by if he chooses one of these three.  At least he has a few more months to decide.

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