Getting My Classroom Ready…Slowly

teacher nightmare

After just about two months of being out of my classroom, I headed into school in today to see what needed to be done to get ready for kindergarten to begin. I always know it is time when I begin have the “back to school nightmares.” They started over the weekend. Most of them involve dreams of my new class being lined up on the blacktop ready to begin but my classroom is nowhere near ready! Or I show up to school in my pajamas and my class arrives early and are waiting for me. That’s the one I had last night. I knew I needed to go in today and just “assess the situation.” Summer school was held in my room this summer so I wasn’t sure how it was left or if had been cleaned yet.

I am still not getting around on two feet without hobbling on my toes. That didn’t make it easy but I was at least able to move a few lighter things around and figure out what I needed to buy and stock up on for my room. I have to put up a few bulletin boards and fix up book shelves. I’ll organize tables and chairs over the next few days. Name tags and labels cannot be done until my class list is confirmed and that hasn’t happened yet.

I may have been able to convince Drew to come in and help me for a bit tomorrow. I guess I’ll see if he is still willing in the morning.  I bribed him with a trip to 5 Below, where I got a small rug for a reading nook. I had already dragged him to Michaels and Fabricland for some other supplies.  It was nice because both of those stores offered teacher discounts!  Turns out there are many stores that offer teacher discounts.  Lakeshore Learning, The Container Store, Barnes and Noble, Staples, Ann Taylor Loft, J JillApple Store are just a few of them! There are so many more!  Just google it and find them.  I need to take more advantage of it!  I didn’t realize how many there were!!  Glad I found them now – just in time for some back to school shopping for myself!

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One thought on “Getting My Classroom Ready…Slowly

  1. Sasha August 21, 2014 at 12:48 am Reply

    How exciting for you! Good luck with finishing everything up! 🙂

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