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quiet people

This morning, I found that I had a new follower to my blog.  “MySportswritingporfolio”  Whenever I get a follower, or a like, I check out the blog of the person who liked it.  This one brought me to a blog written by my brother.  My older brother Chip.  None of us, my dad included, had any idea that Chip had been writing for a website called, “Double G Sports.”  Apparently, he’s been writing for them since May and he decided to compile his writing into one place and share it in his new blog.

The thing about Chip is, he’s a bit of an introvert.  He doesn’t say much.  To anyone.  Family, friends, customers… so this came as quite a surprise.  His writing is much more expressive than his speech is!  I wasn’t sure if I was reading something that he wrote, or perhaps an article he found and shared, but sure enough, the articles are authored by him. 

If you like sports, hockey in particular, you should check it out and give it a like.  I am sure he’d appreciate it. 

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