99 and Counting!


99 years ago, this lady came into the world!


September 3 is her birthday and as she enters her 100th year of life, we celebrated her tonight.  Mostly family, but also some of her dearest friends gathered at her home and we made a big potluck feast of her favorite Italian foods.  Cheeses, salamis, ziti, meatballs…all of the things she loved and she gobbled them down along with several birthday cakes! 

As always happens in our family, we overloaded on the food and made too much and had tons of leftovers – so all of us have food for the next few days. 

The grandkids gave her a new tablet which will be loaded with audio books for her to listen to.  She always loved reading but her eyesight isn’t so great anymore and we know that she misses that.  She got new hearing aids recently and her hearing has really improved so we think this will be something she will love! 

We have already begun to talk about next year’s celebration – when she turns 100!  I can’t even imagine what the festivities will be like for that!


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2 thoughts on “99 and Counting!

  1. Sasha September 3, 2014 at 9:24 pm Reply

    Oh that is awesome!! Talk about longevity!

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