Where Were You That Day?


Everyone who speaks about 9/11 talks about where they were and what they were doing that day.  No one can forget.  It is as if it has been etched into our memory.  Last year on this day, I recalled what I was doing.  I remember every minute of that day, from walking out the door and noticing the magnificent, cloudless, blue sky to the pink and white maternity outfit I was wearing.  I remember sitting on the sofa in our living room as our friends arrived, checking in and letting each other know they were safely out of the city.

I asked DJ what he remembers about that day.  He was four.  He says all that he remembers is that it was “a picture perfect gorgeous day.”  We had left for school together that day and talked about the sky.  I am glad that since he was so young, that he doesn’t remember more.

But, perhaps it is good for us to remember that day in such vivid detail . Remembering how we felt, what that day meant. How our country came together in the months following this tragedy.  Remembering the innocent lives that were lost and the families who have suffered through this unimaginable tragedy and to pray for them – to pray for each other.

Nothing was the same after that.  Dave was working on The New York Stock Exchange at the time and they closed down for nearly a week, an unprecedented event as far as I know!  Yet we went back to school almost immediately.  The administrators wanted to keep as much normalcy for the children as possible.

But truly, there was no more normal right after that.

When we take the time to commemorate 9/11 each year, we are ensuring that we will never forget.  In thirteen years, so much has happened in our world, in our lives…

We will never be the same.


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