He’s Home


Not much time to post tonight but thank you for all the well wishes.  My dad came home today and is much, much happier.  Dave picked him up, brought him home, did his grocery and medical shopping and hopefully he will be fine staying at home alone. According to his doctors, if he was to go home, he had to be sure he could be independent.  He says he is so we are trusting that he will keep to his word and let us know as soon as something does not seem right.  Hopefully it will all be fine and he will be back to his normal routine soon.

I had a busy day at work with two meetings so I haven’t even gotten over to see him but I can’t even count how many people asked about him today and were expressing their concern. Everyone misses him in town.  He’s a regular sight in the village.  Everyone knows him.  It is good to be well known..it means a lot of people are praying and wishing for your speedy recovery!  Our whole family thanks you for your thoughts and prayers.  We are grateful.

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