No More Coddling!

roots to grow

Tonight was Back to School Night for Drew.  7th Grade.  Last year was such a great year….smooth transition, no complaints about school, he loved his teachers, made the honor roll three quarters out of four.  It was almost blissful. Even Back to School Night last year was joyful.  I loved his teachers, his team.  It was a just a really fantastic school year, and for anyone who knows Drew, it is a tough task to keep him interested, alert and eager to learn!

Well, the honeymoon is over.  He’s been in school for 11 days.  Some complaints already, A LOT more homework.  No more coddling.  They aren’t babies anymore is basically what I heard in one class.  I have been hearing this since last year.  Whenever I raved about how wonderful school was for him, I’d hear, “It is so different in 7th grade.”  Such a contrast from last year.

I know there are a few years that are what teachers call, “transition years.”  This is one of them.  I could even feel that vibe myself just sitting through his classes tonight. It is going to be rough and he might struggle, but I know that as a classified student, and with the extra help he will be receiving, he will be okay.  It will be a lot more work than it was last year, but he will get through.  I am sure we will have some homework battles at home…it will probably even wind up in a blog now and then.  Last year, it was so easy to work along side with his team and his inclusion teacher.  This year might be more difficult, and I know I have to let him develop more independence.  It will be a learning and growing experience for both of us!

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