Iphone Frenzy


I have to confess, I am a total “Apple Girl.”  I use a Mac, have an iPhone and an iPad.  Our family has a total of three iPads and four iPhones.  We are an Apple family.  Yet, I just don’t understand the frenzy when a new Apple product comes out.  Honestly, camping out for a week just to get the newest and latest product??  It makes no sense to me.  The fact that it is the top story on the news and people are celebrating because they were first on line – maybe I am missing something.

Seeing all of the craziness, makes me think of greed and gluttony, yet then I feel like a hypocrite, knowing there are seven apple products in our house alone.  Will we get the newest one?  Maybe, when our contract is up and we are due for a new one, but I won’t be on a line or get on a waiting list waiting for this one.  I’ll get it when it is time.   It just seems like there are so many more important things that we need or could use.  Is this “newest and greatest” phone going to do that much more than I already can do on my phone? Even if it does, do I need that??

I admit…losing my phone would be a calamity.  Everything is on it.  I don’t even know my kids’ phone numbers by heart since I just have to type their name in my phone to call them.  All of my contacts are there and I rely on it for A LOT!  That doesn’t mean I need a new one.  I am happy with the one I have.  I will get the 6 when it is time for an upgrade…probably right before they launch the 7!

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